March 1st: COVID Update Across Canada

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Here’s a look at what’s happening across Canada in terms of restrictions and reopening plans as of March 1st, 2022.

British Columbia  

  • Masking still required in public indoor settings in “areas of office building where services to the public are provided


  • Entering into step 2 of the the 3 step plan. Mandatory work-from-home requirements have been lifted. 
  • Provincial mask mandate to be  lifted in most settings, except on high-risk areas such as transit 


  • Dropping mask mandates as of February 28th 2022
  • Mandatory self-isolation no longer in effect, however it strongly recommended 
  • Proof of vaccination no longer required 


  • Starting today, March 1st restaurants, gyms and concert venues will no longer require proof of vaccination 
  • March 15th, masks will no longer be required 


  • No capacity limits, proof of vaccination no longe required 
  • Mask face coverings still in place 
  • Customer Passive screening still in place 
  • Safety plans remain in tact 


  • As of Feb 28th: Gradual return to hybrid mode 
  • Masks no longer required in the workplace when there are physical barriers between people or a distance of two meters. Still to be worn in common areas 
  • More updates coming March 14th 


  • Capacity limits remain in place
  • Masking requirements still in place 


Masks are currently mandated in all indoor public spaces.

Northwest Territories  

Mandatory masking is still in effect 


  • Masking requirements still in place 
  • No capacity restrictions for retail stores 
  • Restrictions limiting on March 14th 2022 

Nova Scotia

  • Currently in Phase 1
  • Masking requirements still in place 
  • Businesses and organizations need to follow the Health Protection Act Order and their sector-specific plans and should follow the OHS Covid-19 guidelines. 

New Brunswick

  • All restrictions to be lifted on March 14th, no masks will be required in public spaces.
  • Businesses and organizations will be permitted to operate at full capacity without physical distancing requirements 
  • Isolation will no longer be required for the general public 
  • Business owners may continue to keep programs in place (such as masking) in the interest of Employee H&S. 


  • As of February 28th, no longer requiring proof of vaccination 
  • Masks still required for indoor public areas 
  • Continue to support work from home where needed