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The construction industry is always changing and evolving. Every year new trends appear within the industry, from technological advancements to a stronger focus on sustainability. The industry is focused on capitalizing on trends that help improve operations and deliver a competitive advantage while maintaining a high level of safety standards in the workplace.

The Challenge:

Employers in the construction industry face unique challenges around job site safety, communication breakdowns, workforce turnover and skilled employee shortages. Finding skilled workers and tradesmen to fill the positions is proving extraordinarily difficult. Construction companies often find themselves looking to attract workers that already hold jobs in the same field and losing workers to competitors. To that end, construction companies must take a closer look at their current compensation and benefits packages and strive to retain existing employees and attract new talent. The health and safety risks of COVID-19 vary from project to project. New health and safety precautions are being put into place for teams working outside and in enclosed environments. In all cases, where work continues, health and safety risk assessments need to be conducted, consistent with medical, scientific and government guidelines, and contractors’ have a duty to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

COVID-19 is causing delays and disruption for certain projects, even if only because supply chains have been severally disrupted. In addition, access to vital photos, drawings and project financials are not available when needed; causing communication breakdowns and project management delays. The industry is also unique from a labour standpoint with its own set of rules and practices with respect to certification, grievances and collective bargaining.

Having a robust HR system is of utmost importance now more than ever to effectively manage, engage and communicate with employees during these unprecedented times.

The Solution:

HR4 will help you manage every aspect of your construction business with one robust and fully integrated HR software solution. Reduce risk and save time while maintaining high levels of safety and employment standards that meet current regulations and guidelines for all types of job sites and environments.

The Benefits:

  • Maintain quality employment standards
  • Reduce risk and Adhere to all health and safety measurements on the job
  • Save time, automate processes and increase productivity
  • Improve collaboration and data sharing between teams
  • Take control of your team with our painless employee management system

Seamless Integrations to Improve Productivity

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