High-performing teams experience 22% higher profitability

Set Expectations

72% of employees feel that the performance evaluation process is unfair, when they don’t understand the factors that contributed towards their evaluation score, and how they were assessed against their performance objectives. With HR4’s Develop App you can set clear and defined expectations that employees can view and work towards throughout the year therefore paving the way towards complete transparency and success.

Goal Setting

Set, track, and measure goals to drive performance forward. HR4’s goal-setting tool allows employees to be a part of the process so you can improve employee engagement and elevate performance across the organization at the same time.

Manager and Self-Driven Assessments

43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week. Employee reviews should be happening more often while taking less time to complete. With HR4’s Develop app you and your team can quickly complete assessments throughout the year to make the greatest impact.

Actionable ToDos

HR4’s Develop app allows employees and managers to quickly and easily assign ToDo based on the results of an assessment. ToDo’s are an easy and simple way to close the gap and improve performance.

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