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Over the past decade, uncertainty has been the rule rather than the exception for the auto industry. Sophisticated customers with a high level of consciousness and awareness, evolving market needs, and need for digitization has demanded that the industry adapt and rethink business processes quickly to remain relevant.

The Challenge:

The automotive industry has always been faced with a high percentage of employee turnovers, the number currently bordering at a soaring 33%. For every three sales people a dealer hires, one doesn’t make it past 90 days and only one makes it to year three. This coupled with the availability of less than 20% skilled workforce to choose from and a 24% looming retirement rate leaves the industry at a far place from being the employer of choice for most. The COVID-19 pandemic further adds to this trouble with its lingering effects of record-high unemployment and a rock bottom consumer confidence due to health and safety concerns.

As the industry juggles between these issues and successfully trying to reboot business, having a robust HR system is of utmost importance now more than ever to effectively manage, engage and communicate with employees to achieve results.

The Solution:

The future car industry will be part of an ecosystem that is able to continuously evolve and deliver world-class customer value through enhanced experiences and innovation. HR4 helps you drive performance and growth while you manage every aspect of your business with a fully integrated yet customizable HR software solution. Research by the National Automotive Dealers Association found that a 10% improvement in employee turnover adds $7,500/employee to a dealer’s profit. That’s a million dollars if you have over 130 employees!

The Benefits:

  • Attract more applicants, hire higher quality employees faster
  • Extend job offers and convert applicants to employee profiles
  • Digitally and remotely onboard new employees
  • Train and measure employees through the platform to get them hitting targets faster
  • Automate processes and perform better with real-time results
  • Attract top talent through winning job ads and a standardized hiring process
  • Improve & accelerate your onboarding process and timeline
  • Grow employee’s skills through online training modules
  • Take control of your teams with our painless end to end employee lifecycle management system

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