Payroll is the biggest expense for most businesses.

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Mobile Time Tracking Saves You Money

According to the American Payroll Association, employers lose 4.5 hours per week per employee in time theft.

For a single worker making $10 an hour, that adds up to $2,340 a year of lost time and company money.

Have 100 hourly employees? You could be burning $234,000 in profit per year.

Review, Edit, Approve, Lock and Submit Time Cards to Payroll

The Fair Labor Standards Act protects workers with a standard 40-hour workweek, yet 43 percent of US business owners are unaware of the legislation resulting in FLSA fines of over $2 billion.

Only 16 percent of US business owners know timesheets have to be kept for two years.

Customizable, auditable, employee pre-shift health screening

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