Maximizing Profits and Employee Experiences

Winning companies are $10k more profitable per employee*

*Sources: American Payroll Association, 2017 NADA Dealership Workforce Study

HR4 is your solution to ramp up new hires, keep tenured employees productive, and ensure overall employee wellness so you can save time.

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Attract more applicants and fill roles faster.

Turnover is one of a businesses’ biggest costs. When your people leave, profit starts leaking. Fill the gaps ASAP and get back to smooth sailing with HR4.

Onboard new hires faster and remotely with HR4.

HR4 Customers have new hires exceeding targets and delivering exceptional customer experiences faster. Idle time is burning your profit.

Improved Collaboration and Engagement.

Engaged employees are productive employees. Studies show employee engagement directly correlates to turnover intention.

Modern, Mobile, AI-powered Time Tracking.

Businesses’ lose 4.5 hours per week per hourly employee in time theft which adds up to $2,340/year of lost profit*. That’s $234k in lost business income per 100 employees. HR4 uses the latest technological innovations like biometric facial recognition AI, geo-fencing for location accuracy, integrated health screening prompts and iOS and Android punch-in for pin-point timecard accuracy.

Never put your business at risk again with automated compliance management.

Reduce the amount of time and effort managing health and safety compliance-related tasks. Proactive notifications and easy to use forms will keep you on your A-game so you can avoid hefty non-compliance fines. 

Content so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Banks of relevant document templates, policies, compliance training, and resources to help businesses move forward.

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